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Our team of physicians and technologists has designed iBlueButton to specifically serve Medicare beneficiaries, Veterans, individuals covered by Tricare and their family caregivers, to have at all times their medical information in their hands so that they can better manage their healthcare. iBlueButton won the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Industry Innovation competition for Blue Button, a federal initiative giving Veterans and Americans covered by Medicare or Tricare the ability to download their health records from patient portals offered by these federal programs. 
For Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers, iBlueButton lets you automatically login into your account at MyMedicare.gov and retrieve your medical history over the last three years to your phone or tablet. iBlueButton organizes all your information with lists of medications and diagnoses which you can research and annotate. Find all your physician visits, hospitalizations, tests or get the contact information of all your providers. iBlueButton also works with the MyHealtheVet and Tricare portals to retrieve your Blue Button health records from the VA and the Military Health System. 
iBlueButton enables you to easily pull, assemble, annotate, research and securely store your health records directly on your mobile devices so that your most critical health information is available at any time. A multi-profile application, iBlueButton lets you manage your own health records and that of your loved ones. 
For Medicare Beneficiaries use of the full app features described below, along with unlimited access to their Medicare Blue Button records, the app requires a one-time in-app purchase. In support of our Veterans and Military personnel and their families there is no in-app purchase for access and the full feature use of their VA or TRICARE Blue Button records.
• Life and Cost Saving - On average every year, a Medicare beneficiary sees seven different physicians in four different locations, and most of the time anyone of these physicians don’t have a view of the full medical history of their patients, which can be the cause of medical errors, unnecessary tests, and avoidable healthcare expenses. Veterans and military personnel & their families experience the same healthcare issues, as their care takes place in VA military health facilities, and the private sector. iBlueButton helps you prevent dangerous medical errors by delivering anytime-anywhere access to your list of current medications, diagnoses, and medical history, along with contact information for your physicians and other healthcare providers. iBlueButton reduces unnecessary costly or redundant tests, imaging services, and procedures by informing your doctors of your up to date medical history.
• All in Your Hands - iBlueButton pulls and organizes all records in a Summary Record, with all critical information in easy to view sections for medications, conditions, immunizations and allergies.
• You in Control - iBlueButton gives you control over your health records or that of your loved ones. With iBlueButton you can look up, research, and annotate medications and side effects, understand obscure medical terminology, and be informed to effectively manage your family’s healthcare with your physicians. With the tap of a button, you can also note medical record errors or mark sensitive information as private that you may not want to share with some providers.
• Secure and Private - Unlike most personal health applications, iBlueButton stores your information on your own personal device, where it is securely encrypted and unlocked only by you via password or biometric access. None of your data is processed or stored in the cloud or seen by Humetrix as you do not create an account with us. Your health information remains privately kept by you on your device, with no risk of tampering or hacking in the cloud. Humetrix neither sees, stores, shares, sells or makes use of your personal information.

Version history iBlueButton
New in iBlueButton
Tricare and VA free.
New in iBlueButton
In support of our Veterans and Military personnel and their families, iBlueButton has been updated so there is no In-App purchase for access and full app feature use of their VA or TRICARE Blue Button records. An In-App purchase remains required for Medicare beneficiaries.
New in iBlueButton
In app purchasing for unlimited downloads from any portal.
Medication update and bug fixes.
New in iBlueButton
Drug updates and bug fixes
New in iBlueButton 5.6.5_05312017
Improved medical record downloading ability from VA, Tricare and Medicare
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